why not associates is a british multi disciplinary design studio with a world-wide reputation. we believe that compelling communication demands an element of surprise, whether it’s for postage stamps or public art, tv idents or cultural institutions. we may have a name for taking risks and pushing boundaries, but we experiment for good reason — to serve our clients’ best interests. that’s why we’re prepared to run through a dark room clutching lit fireworks. fingers grow back, and great work lasts forever.

why not associates
22c shepherdess walk
london N1 7LB
united kingdom
+44 (0)20 7253 2244


clients include: royal mail, tate galleries, channel 4, v&a, nike, virgin records, blackberry, royal academy of arts, publicis, bbc, audi, cheltenham ladies’ college, coi, salford lads club, marc quinn, riba, amv bbdo, grace jones, bowers and wilkins, blackpool city council, bbh, paul smith