other stuff

other stuff

highlights, offcuts and broken biscuits

salford lads club and desingel are selected from over 3000 entries for the 2017 tokyo type directors publication


lascaux 4, a collaboration with casson mann and snøhetta, which saw us consulting on and styling the exhibition graphics and digital interfaces, is featured on the guardian and creative review


our typographic identity and title sequence for canvas tv's culture club is featured over on creative review


andy joins gtf's andy stevens on stage at offset sheffield to talk about their wayfinding project for sheffield institute of arts


creative review columnist james greenfield picks out his favourite five museum and gallery graphic identities from around the world, including ours for desingel


andy on the late shift at offf by night at parkloods, the temple of light and sound in antwerp, belgium


laus& has brought together a group of internationally renowned professionals to lend their support through a series of posters in honour of it's 46th year


our sleeve for max richter's dream 3 was selected for the secret 7" exhibition and gallery sale in support of amnesty international


salford lads club wall of names wins the wayfinding and environmental design category at the design week awards